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J-Tec Material Handling 

Your process partner for Solids and Liquids Handling

J-Tec Material Handling designs, supplies, builds and maintains powder, pellets and liquids processing systems. We deliver complete turnkey installations, separate processes and components for the food, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemical industries.

Turnkey solids & liquids handling installations
We can take care of entire projects, from product and process testing in our test facilities, mechanical and electrical engineering, to construction, start-up and maintenance of your installation. J-Tec Service can provide spare parts, maintenance and repairs of your installation and training of your staff.

Custom made solutions 
Our philosophy is offering solutions that are individually adapted to the clients' wishes. Thanks to many years of experience - J-Tec was founded in 1970 - we are experts in the field of material handling. Together with you we look for the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements, taking into account all the relevant standards and directives (Atex, CE, HACCP, etc).


J-Tec is a company member of EHEDG The European hygienic engineering & design group.




    • Automatic cleaning of hygienic food processing installations

      In the food industry, both wet and dry cleaning of process installations is possible, depending on the nature of the products. When handling dry ingredients, such as powders, dry cleaning is preferred since water can increase the risk of bacteriologic contamination. In many cases, installations designed to process dry materials do not even tolerate wet cleaning.

      However, in some cases wet cleaning might be required.

      Read the full article here 


    • J-Tec builds greenfield compounding installation for Asahi Kasei Plastics

      In September 2014 J-Tec Material Handling officially signed a contract with Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc, to build a $30 million installation for advanced thermoplastic compounds. The plant is built on Asahi’s newest site in Limestone County, Athens, Alabama. For the design and construction of the process lines and civil works, J-Tec Material Handling (process engineering) and Katoen Natie Supply Chain Engineering (civil and infrastructural works) joined forces, making it a unique concept.

      The plant will be fully operational in the first quarter of 2016 and will create up to 100 new jobs over the next 3 years.

      Full article here

      Asahi drone 1

    • Greenfield compounding solutions

      Together with the business unit “Supply Chain Engineering” of our mother company Katoen Natie, we are able to provide Greenfield / EPC services as an all-in-one package.
      In this specific example, we have designed and constructed the complete paving, railroads, warehousing, production facility, offices and process installations for a brand new compounding factory located in the US. Discover our capabilities: .

    • J-Tec Material Handling announces the establishment of its newest business location in North America

      2015 marks the founding of a new business location for J-Tec Material Handling in Houston, Texas. A milestone which is the logical sequel to the international successes they have been experiencing in the last 45 years. Ever since their acquisition by Katoen Natie in 1999, they have been experiencing substantial growth in overseas inquiries that have led to numerous Greenfield and Turnkey references worldwide. These global opportunities have prompted J-Tec to further optimize their services abroad. After starting up in Thailand and Brazil, they now proudly present: J-Tec Material Handling, Inc.

      Official press release


    • Combining solids and liquids

      At J-Tec, our number one priority is always to include the most advanced and latest technologies in the process installations we design. We guarantee this by continually investing in our people and in research & development. Besides that, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge with our customers, helping them to constantly improve and upgrade their existing installations. In that perspective we have created an animation that will give you a unique look at a state of the art cream production facility. The animation is based on a Greenfield project that J-Tec successfully executed for a multinational, active in the food production industry. We've succeeded in engineering highly efficient production lines that substantially increased their capacity.